The CYN has a formal partnership with the Bahamas Youth Network (BYN), which started in Long Island and has spread to Nassau. The CYN is working together with the BYN to provide staff, leadership training, assistance with organizational development, funding, short term work teams for a youth center development project, as well as direct ministry help with evangelism and discipleship.  Pictures and more information can be found here.

The CYN has a great relationship with Camp Bahamas.  The CYN helps to direct mission teams to Camp Bahamas to aid in the building of the new camp property.  Through our involvement in the BYN, we also recruit Bahamian college students to serve as summer camp counselors.  The camp serves as a wonderful place for Bahamian students to experience adventure and life to the fullest as they hear about all that it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  

The CYN has assisted St. Andrew's Presbyterian Kirk (church) with Sunday School teacher training, preaching, and missions.  St. Andrew's is an Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Nassau, Bahamas with a heart for reaching out to children of all ages.  The church also works in partnership with the BYN to provide outreach and discipleship for teenagers in the neighboring communities and orphanage.

The CYN has a partnership with the Milagros scholarship, which allows Bahamian college students to have financial assistance for college while serving in ministry. Through the funding available, CYN staff have been able to mentor and train college students to be leaders in ministry while in college and beyond.

Beyond this, the CYN has been able to assist in the following areas through a variety of informal partnerships:

* Acquiring sports equipment for schools

* Coaching high school sports teams

* Leading training seminars for youth ministry leaders

* Guest preaching in churches

* Organizing and assisting with leadership for summer camps

* Organizational development and coaching for little league baseball