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Tori's Story


At CYN, we not only understand that relational ministry is the key to reaching students, we live it out on a daily basis. And we see the lives of both students and their families impacted. Tori is a great example.


When Tori’s mom tragically passed away in January of 2021, the family reached out to Kirk of the Pines, a CYN partner ministry in Marsh Harbor, Abaco. CYN staff member Carrie Hendrickson invested time caring for the grieving family—Tori and his four brothers, who were now living with their grandmother. There would now be 11 people living in Grammy’s one-bedroom home.

But God was able to use CYN to reach out to and care for Tori’s family. Physically, CYN helped expand Grammy's home to three bedrooms. Spiritually and emotionally, CYN helped point the family to a God who loves them in good times and hard times.

Tori and his brothers began attending weekly youth programs hosted by CYN mission staff.  Tori and another brother were invited to be part of the youth ministry’s leadership development program. While attending summer camp through CYN, Tori professed his new faith and was baptized! Tori continues as a leader within the youth group and attends church each Sunday.


Tori is a strong leader that God is using in amazing ways. Through incredibly sad and challenging life situations, God revealed Himself and His love in amazing ways to Tori and his family. God used CYN and their partnerships with Kirk of the Pines and BYN to help rebuild Tori's home, his family, and his faith.

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